SUMMARY : Any cure yet for the "accept failed : protocol error" messages ?

From: chas (
Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 03:23:09 CST

I'm going to semi-summarise my own post here since we have
cured the problem (he says, tempting fate) but not sure why
it should be the case.

2 days ago, a colleague added a second Netscape webserver
instance AND a third IP alias to the network interface.
I've just deleted the second webserver (which had no performance
issues whatsoever) and removed the extra IP that it was bound to.
Without wishing to put the kiss of death on our server (esp. on
a friday evening), this seems to have cured it.

So, looks like I'm stuck with a very expensive webserver,


>From: chas <>
>Subject: Any cure yet for the "accept failed : protocol error" messages ?
>For the past 2 days, my Solaris 2.5.1 running NS enterprise 2.0
>webserver has been very unstable.
>Sometimes taking a minute to return a webpage (across the LAN).
>The error logs are full of the "warning accept failed: protocol
>error" message. I saw summaries on this from June/July last year
>... but no solution was offered then. Is there any way to cure this ?
>(I have all the patches for 2.5.1 I believe)
>From the summaries :
> I've been seeing this with Netscape Enterprise 2.0 as well. I checked
> with Netscape, and they tell me that this is a Solaris message that is
> passed through to the server. It has something to do (forgive me, my
> memory isn't what it used to be) with Solaris serializing its socket
> assignments. It sounded like Solaris was slow in making the assignment,
> and Netscape's server would print the message, but that the connection
> would go through anyway. We haven't seen any performance loss that we
> could attribute to this problem.
> According to Netscape, this should be fixed in Solaris 2.6
>One of the big differences in my case, is that there is a definite
>performance loss though... and the two are definitely related.
>(Both only started appearing after the logs were rotated for this
>month though the rotation of logs can not be the cause !)

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