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From: Aaron Dewell (
Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 - 15:52:52 CST

Thanks to all who responded (listed below). The answer is that
this program is available to contract customers from . My problem was that I don't have a
contract anymore and don't have the CD from when I did.

The other response was that there is a Perl program which does
much the same thing, or possibly better. I'm still working on
getting it working (I think my Perl install was wacked), but it
looks promising. This is available from:

I also received a copy of the patchdiag directory from the CD,
so one way or another, I'm covered. Thanks, all!

Original question:
> Is there a location to get a copy of the patchdiag program? I
> had one from a SunSolve CD which I accidentally deleted (after
> losing the CD).
> So, is there a place to obtain a copy of this program? Or is
> the only place it exists is on the CD?

Folks who responded: (Christian Masopust)
Gert Marais <>
Jeff Woolsey <>
"Brian Murphy" <>
Matthew Atkinson <>
"Robert G. Ferrell" <>
Jeff Putsch <>
John Keeton <>
Tim Pointing <>
Wolf Schaefer <>
Phillips Nguyen <> (Michael Pins)

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