SUMMARY: limit and ulimit

From: Antonia Gomez (
Date: Thu Apr 02 1998 - 06:14:45 CST


My original question:
>We are triying to put limits of virtual memory to all users of the
>machine (Ultra II with Solaris 2.5.1). We are using the command limit
>(csh), but we have problems:
> - It doesn't problems if we change software limits like a normal user
>(not superuser), but if we change hardware limit , more lower that
>actual, like normal user , it'isn't posible. Neverthless if we use the
>Bourne sh (sh) with command ulimit work correctly; like normal user,
>only can go down the hardware limit.
>Resume: with csh a normal user can't goes down the hardware limit, but
> if he works with sh (bourne shell) he can does it.

The only answer has been the next:

The bourne shell "ulimit" command limits both hard & soft limit
at the same time, by default.

The C-shell limit command only changes the soft limit.

In C-shell, you must first "limit -h" and then "limit"

BTW, the "memorysize" limit is not enforced in Solaris, only datasize
and stacksize are.

Thanks at CasperDik.

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