SUMMARY: dfstab - full hostname required

From: Eichele, Derek (Derek_Eichele@AIMFUNDS.COM)
Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 - 17:47:00 CST

     Thanks to those who replied. A list of respondents and the
     original question follows. Most of you pointed me at the
     /etc/nsswitch.conf file, and the /etc/hosts table. I ensured
     that these files were the same for all 3 machines, and I
     also made sure that the results of 'niscat hosts.org_dir'
     were consistent as well. I did notice that one machine
     did not have a defaultdomain file, so I added it.
     Sometime during my debugging, things began to work. I cannot
     tell if it was an NIS+ update that brought things to life
     or perhaps the defaultdomain file(?). I now have a consistent
     lookup scheme, which is the essential ingredient.
     Thanks again,
     Derek Eichele.
     Thanks in specific to these people:
     Original posting:
     Hi again;
       I am setting up a small development network, using NFS
     among other things. I have made a directory remotely
     accessible via dfstab and share as follows:
     #cat dfstab
     share -F nfs -o rw:betty:wilma -d "Home directories" /export/home
     - /export/home rw=betty:wilma "Home directories"
      Now the problem is that betty can mount the drive fine, but wilma
     gets the infamous "Permission denied". If I change the dfstab entry

     #cat dfstab
     share -F nfs -o -d "Home directories"
     it works. I have been trying to determine the differences between
     betty and wilma, and can't find the problem. betty is running
     2.5.1 and wilma is running 2.5. I looked for a patches to no
     avail, and I think it must be in my configuration somewhere. Why
     does one system need the fully qualified name and the other
     Suggestions appreciated, summary will follow.
     Derek Eichele.

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