SUMMARY: annoyed by ad

From: Jim Roy (
Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 - 15:20:01 CST

Original question:
        Are you getting it too?
        What can we do about it?

        Well you know the answer to the first. As for the second,
it's running about 3 parts "I dunno" to 1 part "fight spam with spam".

I for one feel that the latter is a BAD idea because it just encourages
them, and lots of the replies would inevitably end up back on this list.
Better that this sort of thing simply be filtered by the list management.
( I have been told that the list managers have been notified, but I
don't know how to confirm this. )

One person suggests making the list private.

Lots of folks have their own filters, and weren't particularly happy
about my post, and are worried that this might escalate into even more
wasted bandwidth. Me too. Hope not. Over & out.

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