SUMMARY: DiskSuite RAID5 with 3 disks ?

From: Andy Lucas (
Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 - 05:10:54 CST

Thanks to the following for rapid replies -

Rick Reineman <> (Kelly Fergason)
Matthew Stier <>

It seems that including the boot disk in a RAID5 device isn't possible with
DiskSuite, and even if it were the performance hit would be severe because
of the large amount of I/O the boot disk incurs.

The best suggestion was from who said just mirror the
boot disk, and use RAID5 on any additional disks, and this is probably what
I will do!

Thanks to all those that replied.

Original post -

>Hi All,
>We have an Ultra 1 with no internal disks, and a Multipack-12 with 3x2.1GB
disks, and I want to use DiskSuite 4.0 to give me a RAID 5 config.
>However the DiskSuite Tool complains when I try to create a RAID 5 device
which includes any slice which I have mounted on the boot disk (like /). It
says 'You cannot add a mounted slice to a RAID device, doing so would
corrupt the file system.'
>I also tried using the command line, with no luck.
>The DiskSuite user guide says you can do RAID5 with 3 disks, but does it
really >implicitly imply that 'you can do RAID5 with 3 disks, plus one boot
disk?'. So you >would create a RAID5 device with the three slices that
aren't mounted then >concatenate the appropriate slice on the book disk ?

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