SUMMARY: Remote printing to Apple Printer

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Date: Mon Mar 30 1998 - 15:51:40 CST


Many thanks to all the people who responded. There were quite a few,
so I hope nobody is offended if I leave off the names.

I originally asked how I would get a Solrais machine to print to an
Apple LaserWriter which I was told was `network only', i.e., not
attached to a machine serving as a print server. The responses fell
into a few basic categories.

1) A large batch of responses suggested I get either netatalk at

   or Columbia Appletalk (cap) at

   These are both free Unix implementations of the appletalk network
   protocol, and would presumably enable one to run an Apple printer
   form a Unix box as though it were on an AppleTalk network.

2) A few people suggested that the `network only' qualification
   probably implied that it was set up a la HP JetDirect to be its own
   print server. The suggestion was to get the JetDirect software
   (which I already use on another network to drive some HP printers)

   and try to tell it to run a queue for the Apple printer.

3) Someone said to install Sun's new printing software, SSPC. I do
   not know where I would get this, but I presume it costs money so
   this was never really an option.

4) I did not actually try any of the above, because the solution I
   used was so straightforward and easy... Namely, using Solaris' own
   built in printer spooling mechanisms. To make a LaserWriter
   `lw'---serving as its own print server on the network---accessible
   to the Solaris 2.5.1 box on the spool LW, I needed only do

        lpsystem -t bsd lw
        lpadmin -p LW -s lw -T PS -I postscript
        enable LW
        accept LW

   and everything was off and running.

Having only used JetDirect to drive HP printers before, I had never
really had cause to investigate the built-in stuff, and I was
pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it was to use. There was
one voice of caution that this might not work on 2.6, but I have no
means of testing out that claim.

Thanks again to all who responded.


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