Summary: wiz/opcomm

From: Ju-Lien Lim (
Date: Sun Mar 29 1998 - 13:15:19 CST

Original Question:
I'm trying to configure sudo to give certain users
access to chown/chgrp/rm, but I only want to allow
these users access to do it on certain directories.
I heard something about wiz/opcomm which would allow
me to configure it in such a way so that I wouldn't
have to write some kind of wrapper.

Does anyone know where I can find wiz/opcomm?


My thanks to everyone for responding, especially Rene
for letting me know that sudo can handle allow for
certain users to perform a limited function on
selected directories:

   Rene B Casalme <>
   Harvey Wamboldt <>
   Igor Schein <>
   Mariel Feder <>

You might be able to find wizcom at,
and also check out

In the /etc/sudoers file:

  Cmnd_Alias TEST=/usr/bin/chown joe
                /usr/bin/chgrp joegroup
                /usr/bin/rm /this/directory/*

   gooduser hostname=TEST


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