Summary [#2] : Inhertting a machine

From: JOSEPH AAJ Chackompally (
Date: Sun Mar 29 1998 - 08:13:53 CST

Dear Sun Managers

Sorry for the late 2nd Summary
I got a mail from James after I posted the summary.


Dear Managers,

I will be inheritting a Sun Enterprise 3000 machine with Solaris 2.5.1,
Oracle 7.3.2 and apache 1.1 or higher with 512 MB main memory. This
machine is already working in some other department.
What all should I look for to make sure that everything is in the working
condition before it is handed over to me, especially in the software side.

Thanks and Regards

Answer :

James K Brigman <> Wrote


Make sure you record nonrecoverable configuration information on this
system you are inheriting, such as:

Everything in /etc/inet, which includes:

/etc/vfstab for the disk drive mounts

/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow for accounts

Any application-dependent scripts in /etc/init.d

Go into FORMAT and do a partition/print. This is the only place the
COMPLETE partition list is available and raw partitions will show up!
(Your oracle likely has raw partitions being used. These WON'T be in

Do a prtconfig and get the physical configuration: how much RAM, how
processors, how many power supplies, how many motherboards, how
disk drives.

Check that all SCSI buses are terminated! (Pg. 2-10 of the E3000) manual.

Make sure you get all manuals and software. You should have a Solaris
server media and manuals.

Good Luck!


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