SUMMARY: Ultra E450 - DLT7000 - Veritas NetBackup

From: Christian Lotz (
Date: Sat Mar 28 1998 - 12:01:33 CST

Dear Managers,

sorry for the delay, but yesterday i finally got a mail from Openvision
Germany that solved the Problem mentioned in my previous posting ....

After lots off telephon calls and emails it seems that the problem with
the the scsi timeouts during the installation and use of Netback on E450
(PCI) architecture and robotic devices is NOT related to the sg-scsi
driver from veritas but the the glm driver ...

The mail i received suggested to create a file /kernel/drv/glm.conf with
the following configuration ...


Take a look at man glm (7D) and you will be surprised ;->

After reboot i only saw once the timeouts again and that was during the
reconfiguration of the various devices ... but since than everything
works out well ...

Right now this is no official solution or workaround but it did it for
me ... no problems on the quaterly backup yesterday ... i even can
restore the backuped data ;->>

have fun,


Christian Lotz
                Suelmerstrasse 30 - D 74072 Heilbronn
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