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Here is the winning answer (also the only answer so far!) :) The original post follows:
Much thanks to Louis!!!

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You can telnet to specific ports on the NTS by specifying a port number
eg. port 8 would be 5008

so telnet NTS 5008 and that would connect you directly to port 8.

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On Wed, 25 Mar 1998, random wrote:

> Greetings to all!
> I have a Sun Network Terminal Server connected to a sparc10 that in turn is connected to the local
> ethernet. Currently it is being used so that processes on the sparc can access some dedicated serial connections (not modems). Here's the issue that I could use some help with: I would like to assign an IP to one of the ports on the NTS so that I can
 telnet from somewhere on the ethernet directly to the port and access a serial tty directly, bypassing the CLI interface. Is there anyone that has any experience with this sort of thing??? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
> Thank You,
> Jeff Pickell
> Technical Operations
> Southwestern Bell Wireless

Louis Hoo

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