SUMMARY: DLT7000 acting funky under 2.6

From: Peter L. Wargo (
Date: Fri Mar 27 1998 - 11:49:05 CST

Hoo, boy...

Well, It looks like I solved the problem. As usual, it was nothing like what I
expected it to be...

It's like this: a ways back, I ordered this E5000 with an internal tape
drive. (AH HA!) Now, when I plugged in the DLT7000, I did the smart thing and
stuck it on target 5. (Assuming Sun had put the 8mm internal on 4. RIGHT??)

Time passed, and I spaced out and forgot about the internal drive, so
when I checked /dev/rmt/0u and found it to be a DLT700, I said, "Cool!,
all is great here."

Er, um.... Well, you can now see the source of my problem. TWO drives
sitting at target 5 on the same SCSI bus. (This is compounded by
my deviating from normal - usually I stick DLT's on their own
SunSwift card, but since this 5000 boots off the SSA, I decided to
use the nice, (mostly) empty internal bus. Heh, heh.

Thanks to: (Douglas Purdy)
Rich Kulawiec <>

Who had nice interesting ideas anyway. Thanks folks!

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