Summary: Solaris 2.6 Jumpstart

From: Timothy MacDonald (
Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 11:18:18 CST

First of all, thanks to those who answered. I did not get a solution,
but it did put me on the right track.

The original questions was:

I am setting up a custom Solaris 2.6 jumpstart server. I went out and
got a sunsoft book and followed the procedures to the letter. The
problem that I am having is that when I actually try to boot the install
client I get this error in the console window of the server:

        Mar 25 11:11:16 tiamat tftpd[7384]: tftpd: nak: Transport
endpoint is already connected

I have no idea what is wrong. I am on a flat network ( no routers ). I
actually have both machines plugged into the same hub, in front of me,
so that I can see the traffic ( after the initial request there is
none). The server continues to produce the above error message until I
do a "stop-a" on the install client. Any ideas?

I got this answer back from Andrea Carleton (


I just saw your posting about the "tftpd: nak: Transport" message
when you try to use Jumpstart from a server with 2.6. I had the
same problem, and when I called Sun support, they told me that 2.6
has a tftpd bug. At the time I called ( 4 - 5 weeks ago) there was
no patch forthcoming. They told me to copy tftpd from a 2.5.1
cdrom as a workaround. I did so, and the "nak" message stopped,
but another one appeared, and Jumpstart still did not work.
I did not have time that day to pursue the matter further, so I
just did my installation with a floppy and a local cdrom drive.

Some months ago I was able to set up and use Jumpstart on
a Sparc 1 with no problem. Then I set up the same thing on
a Sparc 10 and hit this bug.

Anyway, good luck.

        The bug Andrea mentioned is not fatal if everything is set up
just right, but if a file that doesn't exist is requested through tftp
then this error pops up. I tried the above fix and the message did go
away, but it still didn't work. This is when I ran "snoop" on the MAC
address of the install client as I tried another boot. What I found out
is that my rarp is messed up, and some other machine was answering as if
it had the same ethernet ( MAC ) address of the boot client ( it didn't
). So, I still haven't made it work, but I highly recommend using snoop
as a debugging tool if you get this message.


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