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From: Esther Muller (
Date: Thu Mar 26 1998 - 13:28:30 CST

I've never before had a problem with giving a person rsh permissions, until now...

A user (ftfuser) on our DRS6000 needs to execute a rsh command to a Solaris 2.5 machine
/etc/hosts entry on the Sol machine:
        WCFRONT ftfuser

>/home2/ftfuser/.rhosts (home dir) entry on the Sol machine: (file is owned by ftfuser)
> WCFRONT ftfuser
>I checked /etc/services and /etc/inetd.conf and they look ok
>Adding ftfuser to the /etc/hosts.equiv file made no difference
>We don't use DNS or NIS
>whenever the user tries even a simple rsh (rsh sun1 ls) it just says permission denied.
>when ftfuser tries a rlogin to the SS 2.5 machine it prompts for a passwd
>when root tries a rsh and rlogin from the DRS6000 to the SS 2.5 machine, it works fine
>This same user can rsh from the DRS6000 to another machine running Solaris 2.5.1 without any problems
>What am I missing?
>I read through some of the archives, but didn't find anything that solved the problem
>Thanks in advance


David came through with the solution that worked
        Try logging in as ftfuser (yes, with a passwd) from the DRS6000 to the
        affected Solaris machine and running finger to see from whence the
        Solaris machine thinks you've come; it probably won't be WCFRONT.

I modified the .rhosts file in the users home directory on the SS2.5.1 machine with the new info,
and it worked first time.

Thanks to the following for responding:
Elaine Mele [
David ThorBurn-Gundlach []
Vikas Arora []

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