SUMMARY: inetd [accept] error

From: Morgan Sarges (
Date: Wed Mar 25 1998 - 11:08:18 CST

Hello all,
        After seeing the black-list warning message, I thought I better get back
on the bicycle and get this back to those that helped.

The original question was:

> Im still digging thru various sun docs here at work and on the net,
> and have yet to find reference to the following error that appears
> sporadically in our syslog.
> The message is:
> Mar 20 17:10:24 iway1 inetd[428] accept: Protocol error

The answers provided are shown below, by the following people:

Jamie Lawrence <>
        Jamie indicated that I should increase the tcp_conn_req_max_q
        up to 1024 using ndd.
        I tried this and it _seemed_ to do the trick.

Joel Lee <>
        Joel told me not to worry about it, and that the inetd-accept error
        message has to do with TCP reset getting sent from the client before
        the connection is accepted by the server. The bug report he
        acknowledged is at:

Rahul Roy <>
        Rahul also pointed me to the bug report link above.

        Rahul also reminded that I _need_ to include the OS, and patch level
        of our Solaris boxen. (Thanks Rahul, its 2.5.1)

Harry Levinson <>
        Harry reccommended that I look at the inetd man page, and then
        restart inetd with debugging/tracing turned on.
        Harry also reccommended that I look at users .cshrc to make sure
        interactive sessions were not being generated when the user
        hooks up for an imap session.

Thanks to all who replied... and many thanks for an impromptu fix that
I may have got from archiving this list. Ill post a summary for that
later..... without even having to ask the question!


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