netscape enterprise server 3.5.1 [SUMMARY]

From: Daren L. Eason (
Date: Wed Mar 25 1998 - 15:12:52 CST

Hello all,

Thanks to the following people :
John Cieply
Jim Robertori
Dan Penrod
Tom Bosick

for your replies to :

                        The question is - we recently upghraded from NS
Enterprise server 3.0 to
                        3.5.1, and all of the SSI exec tags do not work
anymore. (EX: <!--#exec

                        Does anyone know how to make it work ?? I have
set the server to parse
                        all html files, tried it with shtml and setting
the execute bit, but to
                        no avail.

The ONLY thing that works right now is the following : (Due to a NS

                    All my pages that had lines like this, did not

<!--#exec cmd="./add_defaults.cgi" -->

Netscape told me it is a known problem, and the exec cgi will work,
assuming you
    1. specify the full URL reference
    2. the CGI prints the "Content-Type" first. !! (also found out that
you will need a newline and one more blank line after this heading to
make it work)

This is my new command, which works.

<!--#exec cgi="/news/add_defaults.cgi" -->

Credit for that answer to : John Cieply

Thanks again

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