Summary: Emergency help to system recovery

From: Tze Wong (
Date: Wed Mar 25 1998 - 05:06:33 CST

It is very sad that we have 2 crashes in 2 weeks time.
The first crash brought up the memory board problem + the SSA fibre
optic line offline/online problem.
We got the SUN Engineers came to help fix the board, and we did
nothing on the optic channed, the online/offline problem recovered

Many thanks to Mark Baldwin, Bo Feng, Jonathan.Loh,Rogerio Rocha

original post is:
The server at my site crashed, it is a Sparc 1000E with SSA 100. The
> SSA is cross link by fibre channel to another server with same
> configuration and SSA.> I re-installed the Solaris 2.4.
> The system hang, i installed the patch 101945-51, and it came up. I
> then re-installed the volume manager vxva 2.1.1. It gave me the error
> fibre channel offline and online problem. I then tried to installed
> the patch 103290-08, downloaded from sunsite. I did a "installpatch -d
> ." in the patch directory /OSPatch, and it quickly (about 20 sec) says
> patch in installed. I view the patch log file, and it says version not
> match. I then reboot and the fibre online and offline problem still
> there, but worse thing, i cant see the local SSA drives anymore. It
> hangs at "format" command, and more error message display, "timeout
> recovery invoke..", etc etc> please help! the server has been down
for 2 days.
> what did i miss? or done wrong? to do?

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