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Here is the original question:

> Hello Sunners
> In Solaris 2.4, we used to have a file called /etc/gateways. I recently updated my system to 2.5.1, and since then, when rebooting, I got some messages stating error at line (line_number) in /etc/gateways.
> What is tne new syntax of this file?
> Where can I find more info on that?
> Does Solaris support partial C class routing with this release?
> Thank's in advance, I will summaryse.

Thank's to every one who replied:

Ramindur Singh [] :

This is for defining the address of your router, right? In 2.5.1 this file is called defaultrouter and just contains the IP address of the router. The information I have on this file is that if it exists, it
will use this address to go outside the network, and no further routing configuration is carried out. If this file does not exist, it will look at the number of interfaces, if more than one, then routed is
started in server mode, otherwise routed is started in quiet mode.
To add more than one route, I have had to do this in /etc/rc3.d directory by creating a file called S40routes which contain commands like "route add net x.x.x.x y.y.y.y hop_count."
I am not sure what you mean by partial C Class routing, but if you are refering to sub-nets then the answer is yes.

Chris Liljenstolpe []

Solaris has always supported non-byte alligned subnets, so long as all the
subnets held within the same byte-alligned subnet/network (i.e. in the same
class A, B, or C - depending on the address you were using) used the same
mask (then you could use /etc/netmasks). Solaris 2.6 does allow for true
VLSM, Solaris 2.5.1 still has the same limitations as earlier releases.

Aaron Lineberger []

There is a file which is called /etc/defaultrouter which should contain
your default route...(Look in /etc/rc2.d/S69inet) Also the netmask can be
set in /etc/netmasks

Matthew Stier []

The syntax for the /etc/gateways file is defined in the in.routed manpage.

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