SUMMARY: Script for a tape library

From: Dana Lone Hill (
Date: Mon Mar 23 1998 - 14:48:50 CST


    My origional question was bascially has anyone ever written a script
to load and unload a tape library. Thanx to the following people who

        James Hutchinson
        Ju-Lien Lim
        Mr.Venkat D
        David Thorburn-Gundlach
        Stephen Harris
        Brent Parish (D. Ellen March)

    Some of you had questions which I'll also answer.

    Having worked with Lagato Networker I would love to have it running
here. However, right now it's a little too pricy (About $30,000). My
company can't afford it at this time.

   Most suggested that I see if the library had a sequential mode.
While others suggested that I check with either the manufacture of the
tape library and/or maker of the backup software.

    The tape library does have a sequental mode and the backup software
has a sample script for loading and unloading a library.

    Happily writting a script to backup my servers.

    Again, thanks.

                                            Dana Lone Hill
                                            System Administrator
                                            Intessera Technologies

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