SUMMARY: 2.5.1 HW11/97 and JumpStart

From: Jeff Zabek (
Date: Mon Mar 23 1998 - 12:53:36 CST

  I received a varied set of responses to this one:

     We have upgraded our JumpStart server with Solaris 2.5.1 HW11/97
   because we have a Sun Ultra 5 in the building which required this
   release. Now it seems our JumpStarts take 4-5 hours instead of 1
   1/2-2 like they used to. Most of the time is taken by the
   "SUNWpatch.sun4m" package being installed. What is this "MU", and why
   is it taking so long to install?
   Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any help would be greatly

Most people agreed that MU was a really large set of patches. Some
suggested just living with it and hoping for a faster and/or better
installation method with 2.6 HW3/98 and 2.7. Supposedly the MU is not
necessary for systems which aren't in the new Ultra line (Ultra 5, 10,
30, etc.). Since most of my systems are sun4m architecture, the
easiest way around this is to add "package SUNWmui delete" to my
JumpStart profile (suggested by Mike Salehi
<>). Thanks to all the following people for
their help:

Matthew Fansher <>
Chad Smith <>
David Thorburn-Gundlach <>
Rob Allan <> (Russ Poffenberger)
"Angell, Harold R" <>
Fischer Jens <> (Ian Parkin Petrotech) (John Malick)
Waqar Hafiz <>
Mike Salehi <>

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