SUMMARY: scsi enet card names: changing qfe4-7 back to qfe0-3 etc

From: Keith Salustro (
Date: Fri Mar 20 1998 - 12:30:16 CST

Original question:
>> We have an Ultra-II w/ 2.5.1, latest patches, which had 2 high speed cards,
>> and we replaced one of these with a high speed quad card. After replacing
>> it, the interface list changed from hme0 (motherboard), hme1, and hme2 to
>> hme0, hme2, and qfe0-3.
>> For consistency sake, and being anally retentive, we decided that single
>> card left in the box should be hme1, not hme2, to make future reference
>> easier.
>> We tried a few things incl "reset" at the PROM level and boot -r. Then we
>> swapped the high speed card with the quad card, thinking things would clear
>> themselves. Things got worse: Now we have hme0, hme1, and qfe4-7 !!!!
>> (Arrrghhhh!)
>> We tried to uninstall and reinstall the quad card's drivers, but it didn't
>> change anything. Anyone know the best way to clear these out so we end up
>> with hme0, hme1, and qfe0-3, as we should?
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What we did was to edit /etc/path_to_inst and then reboot with -r. This
worked for us. NOTE: We had disk mirroring and we nuked some of that config
info which is stored in there too... but we fixed it.

Some other suggestions were interesting, though: (see qfe bug in this one)
>Have you tried a boot -r on the box with *no* extra cards in it? That
>should bring it up with only an hme0. Then you can put in your single
>and your quad and do another boot -r.
>By the way, there is a really nasty bug with the qfe on the Ultra 2.
>Periodically it will silently stop acknowledging any segments on any
>of those interfaces. Snoop still shows traffic, but you can't ping or
>otherwise connect to any boxes on that segment. In order to fix it we
>had to put these lines in our /etc/system file:
>* 100 M/bit Card Co-existence on Ultra 2
>set hme:hme_64bit_enable=0
>set fas:fas_enable_sbus64=0
>* End edit
>set qfe:qfedebug=1
>Christopher L. Barnard

make a backup of /etc/path_to_inst.
rm /etc/path_to_inst
reboot -- -ra
*This is a dangerous procedure*
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