SUMMARY: Solstice Network Client in a PC/Unix environment!

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Date: Fri Mar 20 1998 - 11:06:47 CST


I asked?
> Hi,
> I want to investigate using Solstice Network Client in a NT 4/Win 95, Unix
> environment. Want I am thinking is it better to move as much away from a NT
> server on to a Unix System using Solstice Network Client (SNC).
> Has anyone got SNC installed, what do they think of it and what do they think
> to the following?
> Here I have a little table which has the main features which a dedicated NT
> server would do over a Solaris/SNC setup.
> NT Server SNC/Solaris
> NFS server Yes Yes
> Admin. User/System Profiles Yes No
> Store User Profiles Yes Yes
> Store System Policies Yes Yes
> Software/Maintenance (SMS) Yes No
> Remote Help Desk (SMS) Yes No
> Password authorization Yes Yes

Well I did not get many replies, so I also asked sun!

The answers I got agreed with the table above and that it was a much nicer
package then previous releases.

1) The main points raised were that you do store your password in two different
locations, so if the user does not keep the UNIX/PC password the same, then
they will be prompted for both, but if they are the same then you get ONE

2) Future releases of SNC may and most probably include addition features and
support for NT 5.

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