SUMMARY: Oracle 8, does it consume the entire system?

From: Griffin, Chris (
Date: Thu Mar 19 1998 - 09:52:27 CST

Here was my original question:

>Hello Sun Managers,
> I was wondering if anyone out there was running Oracle 8, or a
suitably close equivalent (7.3.3 >or so). I have a Sun Ultra Enterprise
2 Dual 300mhz machine with 256mb or RAM and I was >wondering how much of
the system(performance) should I expect Oracle to consume? It will
>probably be serving around 15-20 users' queries in a fairly "bursty"
environment (there won't be a >large frequency of queries, but when they
happen they could be fairly large scale queries).

The general consensus is that the machine is fine for Oracle except for
maybe the memory. I will be doubleing it to 512MB. For most
applications, Oracle seems to be IO bound, rather than CPU bound. Most
everyone also stressed that it is highly dependent on the structure of
the queries, and the tuning of the database, so having a good DBA around
is critical.

Thanks to all who replied:
Steve Turgeon
Owens, Vincent J
Taco Hettema
Stephen Harris
John D Groenveld
Mark Allen
Andrew Ho
Charlie Mengler
Peter L. Berghold

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