SUMMARY: SPARCprinter error code

From: David L. Markowitz (
Date: Wed Mar 18 1998 - 11:57:50 CST

Thanks to the many respondents, including:

        Benjamin Cline <>
        John Ballard <>
        Sanjaya Srivastava <Sanjaya.Srivastava@Eng.Sun.COM>
        Philip Hurvitz <>
        "Norwegian.Surf.God" <> (Detlev Habicht) (Anthony Worrall) (Bob Rahe) (W. Frank Lowe)
        Jim McVey <>

Many of them included entire SPARCprinter error code lists.
One is appended below for reference.

Status Light Error Code Meaning Action

Printer Ready on - - Ready to print -

                flash - - Warming up -

                off - - Not Ready -

Toner Low on J5 on Toner supply exhausted Replace toner

                on J5 flash Toner supply is low Replace toner
                                        (~100 sheets left) cartridge

                flash J3 on The toner cartridge is Push toner cart.
                                        not correctly inserted all the way in

Drum Low on J4 on Drum cartridge life Replace the drum
                                        has expired cartridge

                on J4 flash Drum cartridge life Replace the drum
                                        is about to expire cartridge
                                        (~50 sheets left)

                flash J2 on The drum cartridge is Push drum cart.
                                        not correctly inserted all the way in

Paper out on C3 on Paper cassette not Push in the
                                        correctly inserted or cassette and
                                        magnets incorrectly set check magnets

                on C5 on Paper cassette is empty Load paper

                flash C5 on No paper in manual Feed paper

                fast C9 on Trying to print from Remove paper
                flash cassette, but paper from manual feed
                                        present in manual feed

Paper Jam on E1 on Paper is jammed at Remove jam
                                        cassette or manual feed

                on E4 on Paper is jammed at exit Remove jam

None P1 on The fuser has shut down -
                                        to conserve electricity

None U1 on Main motor is slow or Power cycle. If
                                        power supply is condition
                                        defective persists, call

                        U2 on The ROS has failed As for 'U1'

                        U4 on The fuser has failed As for 'U1'


        David L. Markowitz Director, UNIX Software Litronic Industries

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