SUMMARY: Sendmail Aliases Problem handing an include list

From: Dave (
Date: Tue Mar 17 1998 - 11:44:09 CST

  I got no responces to this one. Only one "me-too", so I am not sure I
need to post a summary, but here it is anyway.
  Anyway, I tried the new rule, and it appears to work (read the original
inclided at the end).

  At the end of the file, I added this line. It is exactly as
the sendmail book recommends.

R:include:$* $@ $#local $: :include:$1

  Then ps -ax |grep sendmail ; kill -HUP the sendmail pid.


>Subject: Sendmail Aliases Problem handing an include list
> This is an odd one.
> I have an /etc/aliases file that is being handled by YP (NIS). There are
>several dozen single user aliases in this list, and ALL of the single user
>aliases work the way they are supposed to.
> But I want to use the include: to create a list of users with one email
> The problem is:
> If there IS a list file, the alias doesn't get included.
> If the ISN'T a list file, it DOES get included, but any email sent to the
>alias goes nowhere.
> Master NIS server is SunOS 4.1.4 with the original Sunos sendmail program.
>sjusers: :include:/sj/sjshare/mailists/sj-list
> ^--- is the line in the /etc/aliases file.
> The file /sj/sjshare/mailists/sj-list DOES exist as a text file, one
>username per line, with permissions 755 (edited with vi, not a DOS file).
> When I do a make, everything looks good.
> When I do "ypcat -k aliases |grep sjusers" - returns nothing.
> When I change the name of the /sj/sjshare/mailists/sj-list file to
>sj-list-, then do a make, everything still looks good.
> When I do "ypcat -k aliases | grep sjlist" - There IS a line that looks
>the same as the line in the /etc/alises file. But when I send mail to
>sjlist, it goes nowhere.
> What's up with this?
> I have the "sendmail" book (2nd edition). It says I would have to add a
>new rule at the end of rule set 0,
>R:include:$* $@ $#local $: :include:$1
> BUT ONLY IF "your configuration file does not automatically recognize the
>:include: directive,..." - Does the sendmail in Sunos 4.1.4 fit the
>automatic variety?
> Some of the displays & and a sample of the list file.
>server{root}17: make
>399 aliases, longest 95 bytes, 17401 bytes total
>/usr/etc/yp/mkalias /var/yp/`domainname`/mail.aliases
>var/yp/`domainname`/mail.byaddr; rm /var/yp/`domainname`/mail.aliases;
>updated aliases
>pushed aliases
>etc., etc., etc.
>Sample of the sj-list file:

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