Summary: SSA, VM, root disks?/Follow-up questions

Date: Mon Mar 16 1998 - 11:52:00 CST

Original post, kudos below.

The majority of folks who replied said it was a good idea to mirror under
VM control. However, the few that didn't like the idea were very

The system is currently mirrored under VM, with both root and mirror on the
SSA. The previous admin set the system up, as he was having unexplained
troubles with the internal drives in the E-3000. I tested the drives on
another system using SUNvts, reloaded Solaris on them, no problems found. I
think he may have had problems getting the system to automatically reboot
from the mirror.

I checked the Sun Managers archive (at David Thorburn-Gundlach's
suggestion), and found a recent summary posted by Zivko Margetic (Thu Mar
12 09:25:26 1998, available from:
His research suggests that the mirror will not autoboot (my experiments
show the same).

Are we doing something wrong? This doesn't seem to be a very fault-tolerant
solution, does it? Anyone been able to set this up correctly?

Thanks again to all the speedy responses, this continues to be a great
resource for the Sun systems community!


Kudos to the following for taking the time to respond:

Peter L. Wargo (Go SpeedRacer, a
response in 57 minutes!)
D. Ellen March
Zivko Margetic
Rick Reineman
Darren Dunham
Petri Kallberg Petri.Kallberg@Finland.Sun.COM
Stephen Harris
kalpesh shah
David Thorburn-Gundlach
Gwynne, Alun P
Christopher L. Barnard
Jim Robertori
Kevin P. Inscoe
Coffindaffer, Virginia
Mark Spooner mark.spooner@Central.Sun.COM

Original post:

Sun Managers,

I appeal to the collective wisdom of this group for a consensus on this

Is it a good idea to place your root drive on an SSA under Volume Manager
control? I've search SunSolve, SunSite (UNC) and the archives for an
answer and have come up empty. Lot's of discussion on the "how to's", but
none that I could find on the "why"?

Anyone have a strong opinion one way or another? I'll summarize.

Colin Melville
Technology Partners Inc.

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