SUMMARY: External 9 Gb Seagate BARRACUDA in a SS10

From: Renan Martins Baptista (
Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 13:04:33 CST

Dear Managers:


I am trying to install a 9 Gb External Seagate BARRACUDA in a
SS10, which is not recgnizing that disk. Following the manufac
turer instructions, this disk works properly with any SCSI-I,
SCSI-II and Ultra_SCSI controllers.

I have Solaris 2.4 in the machine, and the disk is phisically
properly installed, I mean, it is terminated, as suggested by
its instructions.

Is there any step to be followed in a way to have it working?


The BARRACUDA comes pre-adjusted to the target SCSI number 4
or 2, which are used by the SS10 prom to tapes. So just change
the physical target scsi, in the disk to 0 (zero).

After doing so, reboot the machine with the -r parameter:

>boot -r


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