SUMMARY: Forceload errors

From: Darryl V. Pace (
Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 08:09:33 CST

Once again, thank you for your timely, and EXCELLENT replies. My
original question was:
> Managers,
> Have any of you ever gotten "Forceload" warnings during a boot
> after installing Veritas or DiskSuite? If so, do you know why these
> occur? The OS is 2.5.1, and I've gotten the warnings on a couple
> of different boxes (Ultra1, U450).
> Thanks for any help/hints/solutions.
> Darryl

The answer is that the installations of DiskSuite and Veritas cause
entries to be placed in the /etc/system file. These entries are for the
of loading modules that will be used by the DiskSuite or Veritas
The modules cover things like hotsparing, mirroring, RAID-5, etc. Any
the modules that are not used will cause the output of a warning when
system attempts to load them during bootup. If these warnings are
to the sys-admin that sees them, they can be stopped by commenting out
offending lines in the /etc/system file. The attempt to forceload the
however, is completely harmless.

I'd like to thank, specifically, the following for there replies:

Terry Mitchell
Tom Vayda
Stephen Harris
Edward Turner Farrar
Larry Pazdernik
Christopher L. Barnard
Matthew Stier
Russ Poffenberger
Jeff Wasilko
Petri Kallberg
Birger Wathne
Peter Bestel
David Harte
K. Ravi
Jim Robertori
Ronald Loftin
Thu Peter Danh

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