SUMMARY: How long as ODS got to live ?

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Date: Fri Mar 13 1998 - 08:03:36 CST

 Question :

:I know this has been mentioned before but can't find reference in
:It is understood that Sun have made the decision to withdraw development
:ODS in favour of VVM.
:Does anybody have any firm information on how long ODS 4.x will be
:supported ?
:We are thinking of installing it on an Ultra 4000, but various parties are
:saying this is not a good idea because ODS will be "withdrawn soon".
:Given the agressive timescales involved and that we have little experience
:with VVM, ODS is my preferred route.

 Responses : wrote
About 6 mo ago I asked out sales rep from Sun to confirm this rumor. She
spoke to a project manager on ODS. He assured here that the development
of ODS was still active, that there were no plans of phasing it out.
I am pretty sure that Sun will continue to support that even if new
development is stopped. The installed line of that is very big. The
price of Veritas sometimes more that price of a Sun box, and it does not
come bundled with low line of servers.
ODS is also going to support a new line of storage arrays. So there is
some hope. wrote
There is no timetable that I've seen, but ODS is on its way out. I slap it
on new
machines all the time, it doea a great job and is simple to admin. If you
got it installed anywhere yet, don't bother. Just start out with veritas.
planning on learning it soon and will stop using ODS as soon as I have a
good handle
on veritas.
Dirk wrote
in my understanding SDS will be supported also in the future as VVM will.
But there is a new upcoming product, which joined the features
of both. This will be used in the newest products like StoreEdge.
The final realease of this new stuff should be released at the end
of this year. Right now there's allready a new kind of VVM but this is
just a step to the final stuff.
CU, Dirk.
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Matthew wrote

Although we were given no timescale, and no official reply, we were
strongly advised to go the VxVM route with our new E3000/Solaris 2.6.
I also have plenty of past experience with DiscSuite, but VxVM was not
a problem. If you're getting a new E4000 then the installation engineers
will put VxVM on for you anyway.
I wouldn't worry about lack of experience, half a day will see you
conversant with it (assuming you have a reasonable grasp of the
concepts), and it's got a nice graphical interface too.

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Thanks for everone's input.

We've gone the VxVM route.

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