SUMMARY: ppp and terminal login on same physical port

Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 09:59:00 CST

The answer is yes, you can have ppp and regular terminal login on the
same port. There seem to be a few different ways to do it. Thank you
to all who responded.

I think the answer is yes, because a recent
discussion on the group led to someone sending
me the following message:

I apologize for the late response to your question> We basically used
Dave Brillhart's faq on PPP and solaris for setting this up on our
WE did have a few differences, for example, Dave set this up on port
and I believe we set it up on port "b", as our moniotr is on port "a",
he talks about adding some IP numbers at the end for remote dial up or
hosting, which we do not do, but for the most part, DAve's "cookbook"
pretty much worked for us.
    You can obtain this at Hope this helps.

It really should not make a difference - the only difference would be in
the login shell - /usr/sbin/aspppls for the ppp connection is the
recommended shell.... so it really only matters *WHO* you login as !

Look for mgetty.. Mgetty runs and can do auto-ppp..
I have setup PPP under 2.5 using the asppp package and under 2.6 using
PPP_3.1 unbundled package. Both allow the serial port to be used as
either PPP
or terminal. Which is used depends on the login id. If users want to
login and
use a terminal, I have them setup to just use the regular login id. If
want to use ppp, I given them a new login id which is only know on the
server and is usually something like idppp which is easy to remember.
The idppp
is setup to run the ppp connect script instead of the cshell, or what
ever shell
they may want. This method works under either PPP.

As for the port setup, I just followed the instruction which basically
sets up a
standard in/out modem line. But I did create a new entry in the ttydefs
so I
could use the max modem speed and 8,1,none connection settings. I
pulled this
out of a search for PPP configuration on Sun's web site.
I am by no means an expert, so I cannot advise you as to the possibility
using one port for two logical connections, but I do know that in order
get a ppp connection on our server (600 MP), we have to first dial into
server using our login name and password, and then have a terminal
brought up after connecting.
   This terminal windows has the Login: prompt also, and then we have to
ppp for both the username and password , and then press the continue
(this is dialing up from a Windows 95 machine, so it may be far
if you are using a Sun at home), and then we get a box that says we are
    As I said, I am no expert, that is just the way I know it works on
setup,which could be completely different from the way yours is set up.
Since you already have dialup login supported, why not just have your
dialup script at home kick off ppp once you're logged in and *then*
put your local box into ppp mode?

Actually you have 2 real ports, you will need a splitter to separate
them into
two. You could also custom config a special cable that is either TTYa
or TTYb,
but you iwll loose the other.

I don't know much about ppp under Solaris, but if you can
get a terminal login, you can login that way and then run
slirp (if you don't know, this is a free program that emulates
a ppp or slip connection through a normal shell). I do this
all the time and it works great.

If you do a search on the web for "slirp" you should find
what you need.

Original question:
On a SPARC10 running 2.5(or higher for that matter), is it possible to
configure the one serial port to wait for both a ppp dial-up and/or a
regular dial-up and behave appropriately when it figured out which one
the caller wanted?

I don't really understand all the zsmon/ttymon junk yet, but I think I
understand that there are can be two logical serial ports on the same
physical port. Is that right? If so, could I get one to answer with
ppp and the other with a terminal login(possibly with two separate

By contract we have to have a modem attached and waiting for terminal
dialins. But it would make things so much nicer if I could also
configure ppp so if I dialed in from home it would just detect that I
wanted ppp.

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