SUMMARY: Proxy Servers for Solaris

From: David Staggs (
Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 07:53:12 CST

Original question was in regards to available proxy servers for Solaris.
What I was looking at is having a private network have access to the
Internet on demand.

You could use SOCKS. This will provide you proxy
services and also hide your internal address.
Plus, it's free. There are a lot of other
commercial products that will do the same (and
more). Example: TIS Gauntlet, Checkpoint's

"Neal R. Dalton" <>
You could use SOCKS proxy via netscape and SOCKSified clients, like
telnet, ftp, ... There is one at
With Linux I use IP Masquerading, with makes it invisable and works for
almost everything.

Dan Pritts <>
tis firewall toolkit.

Ju-Lien Lim <>
We use Netscape Proxy Server, but for a free one you
could try SOCKS at the following URL:

Ian TCollins <>
I don't know about your ISP, but most will charge for each IP address. I think
a better solution is to use private IP addresses on your LAN and enable Single
User Account on the router. This way you only require one IP address and all
users can access the Internet.

Alexandre Peixoto Ferreira <>
Try squid. Its an http and ftp proxy server.

"Jeffrey C. Keyser" <>
Unless I'm missing something, should be defined on all devices (on
this network) as the gateway (/etc/defaultrouter).

You'll need to run a firewall on the gateway machine or use something like
Cisco's PIX box.

Based on the Class A addresses you're listing, and the question being posed,
I'm guessing these are not registered IP addresses. Both Checkpoint's
Firewall-1 and Cisco's PIX provide NAT (Network Address Translation), which
you'll need if these addresses are not registered.

Adriano Krauze Vieira <>
You may need use a PROXY/NAT such Squid (proxy cache) and Ipfilter (firewall
& nat)

Look at: Squid home page Transparent
proxy with Squid Ipfiler home

Amjad Zamil <>
I think the Netscape Proxy Server is perfect for your case

Thanks to all who replied. I have gone with IPFilter. Works like a champ.

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