SUMMARY: syslogd:line 24:unexpected getnetconfig failure

From: D Parsons (
Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 07:52:28 CST

There were 9 responses 3 of which had the correct answer (unable to
resolve the loghost address). Thanks to Tim Evans who found this bug
(Bug ID 4063881)"the machine cannot find a loghost machine. We do
not have one in our nis maps, we only have an entry in /etc/hosts.
Enclosed is the start of the debug output from syslogd .........
In my case it was sufficient for me to add "loghost" to the
line in /etc/hosts to the IP address (private sub-net,
of my x86solaris2.6 machine.
   Many thanks (now if someone can tell me how to get an account
on Sunsolve !!)

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