SUMMARY: [Q] Root can not tar file back to file system?

From: Duffy Men (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 21:18:46 CST

I am sorry, I did NOT check file system clearly before doing the post.
The reason is /dep is NFS file system.
Thank you for the answer.

My original post:

> I got a 8mm tape from another department and tried to "tar" the file back
> to file system. I login as "root" and doing "tar xvf /dev/rst19
> /dep/data" and following error message come up:
> tar: /dep/data/file1 can not create
> tar: /dep/data/file2 can not create
> .....
> tar: can't set time on /dep/data/dir : not owner
> ....
> The operating system is SOLARIS 2.6 on Ultra sparc 1. I know the "tar"
> have option like "-m" or "-o" for modify or time purpose. I login as
> "root", I should have all the right. Can anyone tell me why?
> Thank you.

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