Summary : Inheritting a machine

From: JOSEPH AAJ Chackompally (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 20:20:54 CST

Question :

Dear Managers,

I will be inheritting a Sun Enterprise 3000 machine with Solaris 2.5.1,
Oracle 7.3.2 and apache 1.1 or higher with 512 MB main memory. This
machine is already working in some other department.
What all should I look for to make sure that everything is in the working
condition before it is handed over to me, especially in the software side.

Thanks and Regards

Answers :

"Ade E Oyeyemi" <> wrote


For the s/w side , make sure to get a good understanding of how the
up scripts work , ( if any ) , and what the external dependencies are e.g.
automounted file systems or data feeds.
It might also help to know if any cron jobs are associated with any s/w,
which files systems they log to, what the memory and shared memory
requirements are , and any know common problems

I hope this helps a bit

- ade

Rich Pieri <> wrote :

Make sure you get all the software/OS installation sets that belong to that
particular machine, wipe the disks, and reinstall everything from scratch.

The third person who responded was Janet Hoo from Sun, sorry I lost
that mail.

Thanks and Regards

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