SUMMARY - Sendmail Q

From: Michael Cook (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 15:44:01 CST

Thanks to all who responded, especially to Kristian Forde who provided
the key.

Most responses correctly told me how the variables are defined (i.e.
This helped, but there were still problems. Some suggested I upgrade
sendmail, and
Kristian sent me the compiled binaries & config files for the upgrade,
turned the trick.
        Thanks again,
                Michael Cook

Original message:

Hello all,
        My name is Michael Cook, and I am trying to run sendmail on a
Sun UltraSparc 2, version 2.5.1. I keep receiving errors and tried to
an answer in the sendmail FAQ, but couldn't; however, one area seemed to
address the problem, I found it at:


        the text found was:

                When running sendmail under Solaris, the gethostbyname()
                hack in conf.c which should perform proper
                of host names could fail. Result: the host name is not
                canonicalized despite the hack, and you'll have to
define $j
                and $m in somewhere.

        the error is:

                #more mail.tmp
                From Mailer-Daemon Wed Feb 18 13:47:37 1998
                Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 13:47:37 -0700
                From: Mailer-Daemon (Mail Delivery Subsystem)
                Subject: Returned mail: Service unavailable
                Message-Id: <199802182047.NAB05122@www.>
                To: Postmaster
                Content-Length: 744

                The original message was received at Wed, 18 Feb 1998
                13:47:35 -0700
                from nobody@localhost

                  ----- The following addresses had delivery problems
       (unrecoverable error)

                   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
                ... while talking to
>>> HELO www.
                <<< 501 Invalid HELO parameter: "www."
                554 Service unavailable

                   ----- Message header follows -----
                Return-Path: <nobody>
                Received: by www. (SMI-8.6/SMI-SVR4)
                        id NAA05026; Wed, 18 Feb 1998 13:47:35 -0700
                Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 13:47:35 -0700
                Message-Id: <199802182047.NAA05026@www.>
                From: not provided
                Subject: ABC Comments
                content-length: 10

                   ----- Message body suppressed -----

        my guess from the excerpt above is that $m is not defined
properly. I tried to define it in the /etc/mail/ file by
placing the


        but that didn't work.
        I would be happy to forward anyone further info they may need
(i.e. the file). I will summarize. Any help or suggestions
would be
greatly appreciated!!!
                Michael Cook

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