SUMMARY/OPINON Softwindows 95 v4.1

From: Michael J. Connolly (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 08:20:44 CST

Of the few replies received so far it seems that only 1 person is running
version 4.1 on a Sparc 5 (170Mhz) and he said it was a little slow. Most
people seem to have versions that are a year old and therefore useless
to compare to. HOWEVER, I have just finished installing it on an Ultra
10 with 320 Mb RAM for my tech. pub. group (Interleaf, Adobe Photoshop
& Illustrator) and it runs faster than most of the peecees (a mixed bag
of pentiums) in Engineering. I was very impressed. It is being used for
all Office 97 apps as well as MS Frontpage 97 for Internet publishing to
our webserver (the graphics are a little dodgey but you can easily view
the actual web pages as they are being created using Netscape on the Sun).
I think I am going to stay with SunPC (witn the 133 Mhz x86 SBUS card)
on my low-end boxes and put Softwindows on my Ultras and Hypersparcs. I
will then plan an aggressive upgrade path to the Darwin line over the next
year or two. IMHO I feel that Insignia has done a good job with this product
and I hear that Sun is going to optimize it further (also the guys at SunPC
tech support told me that they are going to be going to training on the
product so that Sun can support it).

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