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Greetings Sun Managers,

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Greeting Sun Managers

We have a Sun 1000E Server with a Sparc Storage Array Model 112 (with 18 x
2.1GB SCSI Drives), which is equipped with a 4MB NVRAM Module on the Array
Controller. We use Solstice Disksuite 4.0 to manage the Array which
is configured for RAID 5.

Question: How do we go about configuring/enabling Fast Write to the array



Many thanks to the following persons:

- Stephen Harris
- Jay Huffman
- James Coby
- Bill Walker
- Matthew Stier
- Gert Marais

All of whom pointed me in the right direction:

Use of the "ssaadm" command which is the Administration program for the
SPARCstorage Array.

Appropriate options to this command allows the enabling or disabling of
Fast Writes through the use of the NVRAM to enhance the performance of
writes in the SPARCstorage Array.

The actual systanx used is as follows:

   ssaadm fast_write -s -e cX

where X is the logical controller number.

Many thanks again to all those who responded !!

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