SUMMARY Ultra-5, boot path for external CD through SUN Ultra-SCSI PCI

Date: Mon Mar 09 1998 - 07:23:18 CST

Hi Gurus,

The problem with booting through the Ultra-SCSI PCI card is that it does not
have a forth code (F-code) PROM on the board. This PROM is required to talk
to the openboot PROM on the motherboard at the ok? prompt. The basic models
of Sun's Ultra-SCSI PCI cards DO NOT have the F-code PROM, Sun Swift does....

X6540A Ultra Wide Dual Single-ended PCI (Symbios glm) NO F-code
X6541A Ultra Wide Dual Differential PCI (Symbios ???) NO F-code
X1032A Sun Swift Fast-Wide SCSI + 10/100 Ethernet F-code

To solve this problem I purchased a Sun EIDE CDROM for the Ultra-5 just to
install Solaris. This has been removed now the OS is on and will be used to
install the next machines.



> Hi Gurus,
> I have just received my first Ultra-5, the supplier had kindly loaded 2.5.1
> on for me but only with 120 Mb of swap & one / partition (no usr or var).
> The next problem was the supplied SUN PCI Ultra SCSI card has two new style
> connectors on it, but comes with two cables to connect to these sockets
> ending with 68-micro-d style ultra-SCSI connectors (Unipack style).
> This is great if you have a Unipack CDROM but bad news if you have an older
> SUN CD (1 or 2+ etc) with 50-micro-d connectors.
> However the GOOD news is that after testing the machine this morning, I decided
> to have a look inside. Guess what the SUN PCI Ultra SCSI card has two 68-micro-d
> style connectors on it. I attached a Sun Exabyte 8505XL to one of these did a
> boot -r and it was recognised and worked as normal.
> So I attached a SUN CD 2+ and this also worked fine (even playing the show-me tv
> CD included with the Ultra-5)
> Here comes the question......
> What path etc should I type in at the ok prompt to boot solaris installation
> disk ???
> The nearest I got was (i think!!)
> boot /pci@1f,0/pci@1/scsi@1/cdrom@6,0:f
> I have tried sd@6,0 instead of cdrom and scsi@1,1 etc etc
> Notes exabyte/cd devices were recognised as
> st5 is /pci@1f,0/pci@1/scsi@1/st@5,0
> &
> sd6 at pci1000,f0: target 6 lun 0
> sd6 is /pci@1f,0/pci@1/scsi@1/sd@6,0
> The internal connectors are too close to the case to leave the 68 pin
> cable connected all the time, this is just to reconfigure the system disk
> Thanks in Anticipation
> Rob
> Robert Gillespie
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