SUMMARY: Solaris2.X Redirect output of a Xterm

From: Josee Robichaud (
Date: Thu Mar 05 1998 - 16:08:05 CST

I want to thanks everybody that I've answered to my question.

The most popular answer was the option -l or -lf or the
and select log to file.

Some peoples suggest me to use tee and script.

"K.Ravi" <>
use the 'script' command to save a session's o/p to a file. When u run
'script' it exec's another shell & starts writing all o/p to a file.
filename is 'typescript' by default, but you can specify 'script
while starting). Remeber to exit out of this shell once you are done.

Philip Hurvitz <>

csh -iv |& tee out_file

Josee Robichaud


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