SUMMARY: Token-ring Sun config

Date: Wed Mar 04 1998 - 14:18:50 CST

We seem to have a unanimous opinion among all of the respondents to my
query that the only configuration step needed to reconfigure a Sun from
4MBs token-ring to 16MBs is to physically change the jumper setting located
near the network connector.

Special thanks to the following folks for answering my question:

Steve Butterfield <>
Andrew Toon <>
Torsten Huebler <>
Marks, Evan <>

Original post:

>While waiting on full information on the machine, I thought I would post
this query in the >event that it is the simple straightforward procedure
that I am hoping it is.
>I have a coworker who needs has a Sun (Sun4 architecture) connected to the
network via >4MBS token ring. He now wants to attach it to a 16MBS network.
He is unsure how to >change it.
>Although I have never worked with token-ring attached Suns, I figure the
approach should >be pretty straightforward. I am thinking either the card
will autodetect the network and >adjust accordingly, or there is a *.conf
file or equivalent in /etc where he would change a 4 >to a 16.
>Suggestions? I will post more information as necessary and as I get it.
>Thanks in advance,
>--Brad Alexander

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