SUMMARY:Re: IMAP problem (fwd)

From: Venu M Middela (
Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 13:40:09 CST

Thanks to the following people for their timely help.
I recompiled with commenting the "mbox" option. Hope it works.
Jochen Bern <>
Wilner, Jonathan R" <>
Andrew Watkins,R133,x6720" <>
Thanks again,

Venu M Middela

On Fri, 27 Feb 1998, Venu M Middela wrote:

> Hello Gurus ,
> Recently I've installed UW IMAP software on my
> sun box which runs solaris 2.5.1 which is a mail server, a web server
> and a NFS server. After I did all the installation part and edited the
> files
> to run the imap daemon, I invoked netscape 4.04 version and edited my
> preferneces so that it uses the IMAP to read mail from netscape,
> I encountered a serious problem.
> The problem goes something like this.
> I could download my mail on to my netscape browser. after that when i
> tried to open my mail thorugh pine , while I was reading the messsages
> in my Inbox , suddenly the Inbox messages started getting deleted. The
> message I got was " Inbox shrank from XXXXX bytes to 0 bytes , aborted"
> and my Inbox was empty.
> Is there something I'm doing wrong here or is it in my configuration of
> the IMAP...please guide me to solve this problem.
> the users have been waiting long to use the IMAP to read their mail
> through netscape .Your timely help would be greatly appreciated.
> Will summarise.
> Thanks in advance,
> Venu M Middela

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