SUMMARY: Disksuite 4.1 question

From: Robert Glover (
Date: Wed Feb 25 1998 - 22:14:21 CST

Thanks to :-
Roy Rahul
Joel Lee
Ronald Loftin

Special thanks to Roy Rahul who pointed out that there is a Sun Bug report
document 4070916 on this one and sent me a copy of it. Unfortunately it was
not on my latest (December) Sunsolve CD.
I will follow this up with Sun to see if there is a solution.

Many Thanks


Is anybody able to offer a solution to this problem please?
 Sparcserver 1000e
 Solaris 2.6
 Disksuite 4.1 with 104172-08 patch
I am trying to stripe 2x SEAGATE19171N 9.1Gb disks together using Disksuite.
The Disksuite software and patch installed without errors. Using the GUI I
am able to create the MetaDB object and add replicas to it. The Commit works
I then open the Concat/Stripe template and add the two slices to be
concatenated. I select Stripe and then Commit. Each time I attempt to commit
the Metadevice I get the following error:

                  FAILED: Inappropriate ioctl for the device

In /var/adm/messages I get:

  /kernel/misc/md_stripe: undefined symbol md_bioclone
   md_stripe error doing common

I have tried creating the Metadevice from the command line and I get the
same error. The disks are OK. I can create normal filesystems using newfs on
both disks individually and mount and read and write data to them in the
normal way. It is only when I try to create a Metadevice that I have
problems. Our maintenance provider suggested that Disksuite may not support
Non-Sun disks. I would be happy to hear from anyone else who has experienced
this error and also from anybody who has managed to get Third party disks
working under DiskSuite 4.1 particularly Seagate17191N or similar. Many
Thanks. Will Summarize.
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Rob Glover
Unix System Administrator
Western Australian Police Service
Phone +61 8 9222 1733
Fax +61 8 9222 1698

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