SUMMARY: Hi Collision rate using Solaris 2.5.1 & hme

Date: Wed Feb 25 1998 - 03:52:58 CST

     Hi All,
     Thanks go out to the following for there suggestions.
     The solution to my problem was to install the latest patch 104212-09
     (hme driver patch) from sunsite, collision rate is down to acceptable
     level now.
     Apparently the hme driver assumes MAUI is a full duplex device and
     runs it at full duplex mode. This will cause excessive collisions and
     late collisions in any packet transfer test.
     Original Question below:
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     Subject: Slow ultra30 NFS connection
     Author: at Internet-Gateway
     Date: 10/02/97 16:50
     Hi All,
     Looking for suggestions to solve the following problem,
     I have a Ultra 30 running under 2.5.1 (Hardware 4/97) which is
     connected to our thin ethernet network via the Ultra's MII port, a Sun
     MII to AUI converter (X467A) and a Allied Telesyn MX10 10base2
     The Network is served by a Sparc2 running SunOs 4.1.1, I have mounted
     users home directories and also software directories from it onto the
     My problem is that the ultra30 is very slow at reading/writing any
     information on the mounted directories, infact it is slower than any
     of our older stations on the same network segment.
     Also when I initially run any software contained on the mounted
     directories (Binary Compatibility Mode), they take an age to start if
     even, but on the next try or subsequent tries they start up without
     any problem.
     I have noticed that there is a large amount of collisions occuring
     when the Ultra 30 is accessing the mounted directories. Using netstat
     -i on the ultra produced the following
     Name Mtu Net/Dest Address Ipkts Ierrs Opkts Oerrs Collis Queue
     lo0 8232 loopback localhost 29859 0 29859 0 0 0
     hme0 1500 sol-etherfielding 555806 6922 378071 0 17290 0
     My first thought is that it is a problem with NFS3 and NFS2, but I
     have mounted the directory from the sparc2 using nfs ver=2 and also
     proto = udp, also I have noticed that the ultra30 is very slow when
     ftping to it.
     My other concern is that possibly the arrangement of using the MII
     connection and the adapter card and transceiver maybe causing the
     Has anybody come across similar problems, if so any fixes.
     Thanks for any help in advance
     Unix System Manager

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