SUMMARY: Netra GUI going crazy

From: Clara Hatem (
Date: Mon Feb 16 1998 - 08:30:30 CST


I asked:
One of my clients has a netra i 150 server running solaris 2.5.x, and he
usually uses the Netra GUI to create and edit user accounts (and in general
administer the server)
He called on Friday and said he is able to create new accounts using the
GUI but cannot edit or delete any new account that he created. But old
accounts can still be removed or changed.

I checked and this is exactly what is happening. any account newly created
cannot be edited. Instead I get an error
<UID> does not exist (even though the user account exists in /etc/passwd
with the same UID and can receive mail no problem)

Any idea ?


Well I just got an email from the client saying all is back to normal, and
problem is solved .Of course the email does not specify what was the
problem. If I know I will confirm to the list.

Thanks for those who answered.


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