SUMMARY: Rack mountable keyboards

Date: Fri Feb 13 1998 - 10:00:48 CST

I had a number of responses, most of which recommended the Sun Type 4
keyboard, which used to come with some of the older model systems (1s and
2s I think). I inquired at Sun Express and they do not have the Type 4
keyboards nor the Voyager (Sparc luggable) keyboards Graydon Dodson
mentioined. In fact, they did not really understand what I was talking
about in refrence to the Voyager (it was a very short lived product). I
also had one person say that they were using the PC keyboard converter box
that Sun sells, but I am not crazy about that since it does not support the
Sun left side function keys.

I got the following message today which seems to answer the question
adequately. Mr Boyce's company Solaris Systems sells a military grade
keyboard which is rack mountable, Sun compliant, and has a built in track
ball. The URL is: I have not yet
contacted them for a price.

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Mike Blandford <>

Jim Harmon <>

Benjamin Cline <> (Johnie Stafford)

James K Brigman <> (Steve Butterfield)
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