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Date: Mon Feb 02 1998 - 14:25:14 CST

I thank the following..

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Original Question:-

 Hi Gurus
       Can any of you direct me to overcome the 8 character limitation
for the password in Solaris.Will summarise.


1)take a look in /etc/default/passwd file, you can modify
that parameter.
3)This has just been brought up within the last few weeks -- however, I
don't know where the searchable index to this list is, so I'll summarize
for you again.There is no 8 character limit in Solaris for either the
username or the password. Period. (Surprised??? ;-) The limit is only
for Admintool -- if you don't use Admintool, you don't have the limit.
I have a "makeuser" Perl script that, while undocumented and not
perfectly coded, will show you how easy it is to add users without
resorting to Admintool -- on our Solaris box, the only reason X was
running was just for Adminfool ;-) -- once my scripts were written, we
quit starting X which saved us a boatload of RAM on our servers!
4) Each password must have PASSLENGTH characters, where
   PASSLENGTH is defined in /etc/default/passwd and is
   set to 6. Only the first eight characters are signi-
   ficant. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

5)Use a different auth method than "unix". man pam, pam.conf. I'm not
just pushing you off to the man pages, that's all I know - that it can
be done,and pam is the key.

        Thanks for all your inputs,while I had used the 1st & 4th inputs, I'm
still working on the other suggestions.

Let's keep going.

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