SUMMARY : File descriptors on 2.5.1

From: Ade E Oyeyemi (
Date: Fri Jan 30 1998 - 03:23:45 CST

Hi guys

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Hi guys ,
Does anyone know how to increase the number of file descriptors per
I know that the tunable parameter " rlim_fd_cur " sets the soft limit per
process , but how is this done per system ?


It seems like there is NO limit to the number of File descriptors per

The hard and soft limits per PROCESS can be set by the kernel parameters
Some replies
Edit /etc/system, e.g. :
        set rlim_fd_cur=512
        set rlim_fd_max=1024
reboot the system after the adding the above lines
(boot -r)
There is no such limit.

(If you increase rlim_fd_cur you also need to increase rlim_fd_max;
don't increase rlim_fd_cur past 1024)


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