SUMMARY: Year 2000 requirements

Date: Thu Jan 29 1998 - 16:00:13 CST

Thanks to:
Mark Hargrave
Carlo Cosolo and
Marc Newman

Mark Hargrave recommended the following URLs: will give you the software
and hardware compliant list. NOTE: this was exactly what I needed.

Carlo passed on a memo he'd written, which for Sun included the early
notifier Y2K patch list.

Marc Newman mentioned information from SunSolve on SPARCserver 1000 and
1000Es requiring PROM version 2.31 or later. I have several systems that
will need the PROM kit. Several
other systems are mentioned in the cpl.html above.

Again, thanks for the quick and useful replies.

Don Bodle
C.E.T.A. Corporation
@Mead World HQ

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