SUMMARY: wtmp and wtmpx purging

Date: Mon Jan 26 1998 - 18:42:00 CST

Okay - Thanks to all who responded - as usual there was many and varied
ideas. The most popular method seemed to be cat /dev/null >
/var/adm/wtmp etc.... Of course this blows all the data stored within
these files away.

A number of people pointed out modifying newsyslog....but that proved to
be too much effort...

The solution I am now using: 2 programs, wtmp.c and wtmpx.c, which are
executed once a week and purge up until 28 days prior to execution date.
This is exactly what I was after!! YAY!

A number of other people expressed interest in a solution (if I found
one) so I have included the files here:

Thanks again to all who responded - there are far to many of you to
mention here...I owe a LOT of people a LOT of beer....hehe



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