SUMMARY: Revisiting - disable admind, finger, RPC NIS, etc

From: Bob White (
Date: Mon Jan 26 1998 - 11:48:00 CST

Thanks to:

Donald E Bodle
Robert T. Clift
Daniel Dunn
Karl E. Vogel
Derek Eichele
Mike Blandford
Reto Lichtensteiger

Who suggest that I change permission on telnet,
which should be in the /usr/bin or /bin directory.
 Also thanks to those of you who note that this
will not stop someone from ftp'ing a copy of
telnet to the machine, and running it from their
own directory. As there are only two user
accounts on the machine, and neither of us
need to telnet out, the security people feel this is
enough. Thanks again for the very swift

Bob White
Scientific Specialist
Bechtel Nevada

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